Interested in becoming a No Lines supplier and growing your business? 

We supply to over 50 tattoo, bridal, tanning, massage & lingerie stores, Australia Wide! 

How we can benefit you!

Tattoo: No longer do women need to move their underwear out of the way for thigh tattoos, wearing uncomfortable gauze with tape or untying their bikini which can leave some clients feeling a bit uncomfortable. With NoLines, they will still be completely covered. 

Bridal: Make your brides-to-be feel amazing in their dresses when they wear NoLines under their gowns, giving them a flawless look even before their wedding day! 

Tanning: Ensure your clients leave with no tan lines! Wearing NoLines will give your clients the opportunity to tan without the despicable lines that regular knickers or bikinis would leave!

Massage: Sometimes its just more comfortable to go commando but with the discretion of your customers, the NoLines will benefit every female client!

Lingerie: Keeping on your knickers while trying on lingerie, but without the strange look of your everyday underwear. NoLines gives your customers a better look at the product they want to purchase. Ultimately giving you more sales! 

Contact us today at sales@nolinesonline.com.au for more information.